Medical Practice Consulting & IT Services

Offering white glove medical IT services to small and midsized medical practices. Call 703-752-6157 or e-mail today to get a full list of services and setup an on-site demo.

What Does Our Team Do?

Centrally manage all IT assets such as computers, printers, servers, routers, switches, and more. Provide a 24/7 IT Help Desk. Implement cyber security and HIPAA compliance measures. Business consulting including negotiating better fee schedules with insurance companies, defining financial goals, consolidating debt, and creating a growth strategy. Our Data Analytics and Mining team provides highly effective analytical tools and dedicated specialists for powerful, rapid analysis of complex practice data to answer specific questions and make informed decisions.

How Do We Do It?

Our team quickly analyzes large, complex data sets from all available sources; billing, EMR, call center, accounting, etc. to identify key performance indicators and inefficiencies. We employee a wide range of technology professions so you do not have to.

Why Our Approach Works

Our data driven decision making emphasis creates costs savings and revenue growth that exceed our fees. This goes hand-in-hand with IT services like desktop support, phone tree setup, cyber security, and network configurations, our fees are fixed price so there are no hidden expenses or surprises to your budget. Every practice is evaluated individually to select the best tools and methods for the job.

Phased Approach



Our Account Manager and Analyst(s) will meet with your Practice Team to:

  • Discuss the questions you want answered.
  • Review the Practice details and desired objectives.
  • Establish timelines and deliverable expectations.
  • Demo available tools and review cases studies of proven success.

Iterative Analysis

Analyst(s) will work closely with your Practice team to:

  • Explore the data and generate meaningful connections and reporting.
  • Refine the scope of questions based on new uncovered insights.
  • Create custom visualizations and dashboards to clearly illustrate practice performance.

IT Infastructure

  • Conduct an In-depth inventory of all IT assets infrastructure.
  • Evaluate overall IT security posture and risk.
  • Implement HIPAA complaint standards and remote management strategy.

Ongoing Support

  • Monthly financial and data meetings to review performance against goals.
  • 24/7 IT help desk available to get help via email or phone.

Our services do not require expensive software and hardware solutions: • Only use tools as required for your practice needs. • Cloud hosted dashboards, robust reporting, and data visualizations for on demand access to information. • Do not need to hire your own full-time staff.• Fixed prices up-front, no surprises.